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The weight loss battle and transformation of America’s weatherman, AL Roker

May 06 2019 • Written by Smriti Mishra

~ Smriti Jha


The very famous weather anchor of NBC, an actor, and an author Albert Lincoln Roker has picked up gigs all over media and social networking platforms.


The chipper 64 years old anchor has struggled with all odds to battle for weight loss. He followed the diet religiously, included the workout on a daily basis. So much so that he keeps a treadmill in his office. He believes that no one is coming to push him, he has to do by himself!









Rocker has shared his inspiring weight loss story in the book Never Going Back.

He was closing in on 350 pounds when he promised his dying father that he was not going to keep living the way he was. In later years, he decided to undergo a stomach bypass. Something that he never assumed had happened. He came down his life-changing drop to 190. But fifty of those pounds gradually crept back until he finally devised a plan, stuck to it, and got his life back.


Rocker’s typical day


Every morning at 4:30 AM, Rocker bikes two miles to the office. His workout routine, called “The Slow Method,” requires him to exercise for 30 minutes three times a week. At the office, he uses a treadmill desk that has already caught attention widely.

About his diet, he picks whole, unprocessed foods that are high in protein and low in carbs. He drinks protein shakes with almond milk and berries often in breakfast and lunch. Rocker loves cooking too. He shares pictures on Instagram while cooking for himself or for the family.


Roker grew up with eating rich carbs


In one of his interviews, Rocker mentions that he grew up eating loads of carbohydrate in the food. “All middle-income families use carbs to stretch meals, across any ethnic group — whether it’s kugel or rice and beans or macaroni and cheese.’’

Some of his childhood favorites included pancakes, grilled cheese, and tomato sandwiches, pot roast with potatoes, macaroni and cheese, and Jamaican black-eyed peas and rice.


“In this country, if you have an alcohol problem or a drug problem, you can get treatment; If you have a weight problem, it’s lack of willpower.’’




Self – control

 He picked up an exercise routine called the “slow method” (developed by endurance athlete Melissa Bowman) that involves 30-minute high-intensity sessions three times a week.







In his book, he mentioned that he went on a 28-day detox where he cut out caffeine, alcohol, sugar, dairy, and gluten. From there, he also permanently changed his diet and committed to eating only whole, unprocessed foods that are high in protein and low in carbohydrates.


He credits the high-fat, low-carb plan for helping him slim down- he lost 40 lbs by following the keto diet.










Rocker believes that building muscle mass helps burn fat. He works out 3 days a week using the Slow Method made popular by the trainer, Melissa Li.

The Slow Method is especially useful for the elderly or those with disabilities since safety is key and lower weight is required for each movement compared to traditional strength training. His workout mostly consists of strength training exercises. Such training plan creates more lean body mass which in turn burns more calories.



The workout and the keto diet have indeed helped Rocker to slim down further 40 pounds without compromising on cholesterol level. Cholesterol profile is the biggest concern when you follow the keto diet.


Keto diet consists of high fat and low carbohydrates. When you eat less than 50 grams of carbs a day, your body breaks down protein and fat for energy by putting the body into ketosis. This helps in losing weight.


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