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Unveiled: the transformation secret of Oprah Winfrey

Apr 08 2019 • Written by Smriti Mishra

~ Smriti Jha


The first black female billionaire with an extraordinary and influencing story, Oprah Winfrey has won the hearts of millions across the globe! This self-made lady carrying a simple background has now turned as America’s most beloved personality. The world loves to hear when she speaks!

Oprah Winfrey is one of the most influential celebrities in the global list.



Live life to the fullest

Oprah went through a lot of thick and thin to become what we see her today! She keeps herself happy and celebrates the moments. During her time off from her busy life and career, she loves doing “nothing” — that’s what keeps her happy in every way.


She insists to care about self. ‘’Don’t focus on the fact other people have what you want. Instead, celebrate the success and happiness of others and use it as an inspiration to pursue your own goals and become the best version of yourself, Oprah says.’’


Oprah’s weight loss battle

She credits this to her weight-loss buddy who trained her and took care of her. He is Stedman Graham, her life partner!

A couple of years back Oprah publically shared her thyroid condition leading to weight gain. But she did not stop there just by accepting herself as another patient. She battled with sweat and blood by following a strict workout and diet plan. And the result is what we can see her as Oprah.2.




Diet and nutrition approach

Oprah understands the role of nutrition and hydration in life. Although she does not drink a good volume of water but, tries hard to manage with 4-6 glasses.

Sandwich or Toast and eggs with tea makes her breakfast complete.

Cut down on potatoes, she tries adding another healthy substitute in her meals.

Soup is always on her Yes-list for lunch menu. Kale and apple salad come along with it.



Her love for a crunchy snack was well known. But now, she has restricted all the bad fats. Oprah has developed the new love for a root vegetable Jicama that is sweet, nutty, and healthy!

For Dinner, she eats fish, beans or other vegetable keeping low on carbs.


Workout- pattern

Cardiovascular Workouts: Six mornings in a week

45 minutes of aerobic exercise, including at least two of the following: power walking on a graded treadmill (up to 10 percent), jogging, elliptical exercise, stair-stepping or rowing.

She does 20-minute workout using one of the above exercises before dinner. She gives a pause for strength training once in a week and runs for 75 minutes.

Strength Training: four or five times a

30 to 40 minutes of strength training, usually two days in a row, followed by a day off. Oprah preferred to train before her aerobic workout. Her warm-up: a 15-minute power walk.

Incline crunches

She does three sets of 30 at three increasingly difficult inclines.

Oprah believes that this world is a school and life is like the classrooms. We should ready to learn to get ahead. This is the approach of Oprah towards life.

The strict workout routine, controlled diet and positive approach for life keep her happiness index up!

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