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Walking treadmill-bike is new wellness buzz

Dec 10 2019 • Written by Smriti Mishra

~ Smriti Jha


Walking is the most efficient and economical way of work out and keeping your body fit! Even though you won’t able to make it. To give a push for such people, a Dutch company came up with the walking treadmill bikes so that the health won’t be compromised!


The electric walking bike that has already grabbed the attention widely, is a hilarious invention by a Dutch designer Bruin Bergmeester. It is a well-designed treadmill on a bike. One can say, this is a blend between the conventional scooter and modern electric bike.


Lopifit puts the full body in motion right from the initial step. Since you are walking even riding, the health benefits are getting doubled. There won’t be any compromise on your knees, lower back, shoulders, and neck; something that is common while riding other bikes.



How does it run?


Lopifit uses 350W Samsung lithium-Ion battery that turns the treadmill while walking. The floor area of bike is the treadmill and so, the base area of the bike is longer than usual bikes.


Nope! This bike has no seat!


Don’t even assume it anywhere near your usual bikes. This is a seatless bike. The reason why it is called a walking bike. This innovation is indeed a unique way of exercising while moving.


USP of treadmill-bike


The rider can choose the gear or maintain the speed as per the individual’s wish that can go to 3 – 20 MPH. The company boasts a person walking on the Lopifit will have speed equals to or greater than other bike riders on the path.

The Lopifit bike also provides low physical impact high cardio high-calorie burn exercise while riding down the bike path with the breeze in your hair and the sun on your face. This is exciting. Isn’t it?


Go green by riding this eco- friendly bike


Image result for lopifit bikes eco friendly


The bike is not only healthy for your body but, also for the environment. Yes, first of its kind, this bike is eco-friendly to both the environment and to your body. It leaves no carbon footprint.

Unlike other bikes, this special bike helps in eliminating the ill effects on our body and in the environment.



The Lopifit walking bike is extra special


  • Lopifit is a Dutch invention. Lopan in Dutch means walk, pi depicts technical aspects, and fit reflects healthy living.
  • The bikes can travel 30 to 50 miles on a charge.
  • Gears enable the user to change the pace.
  • It claims to achieve speeds between 4–17 mph (6–27 kph).
  • It’s an eco-friendly bike.
  • A majority of the time, Lopifit parking is free.
  • Say NO to NO TIME for walking.

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