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Watch out for these employee wellness trends in 2019

Jan 10 2019 • Written by Smriti Mishra

~ Smriti Jha


The corporate wellness industry is embracing change and evolving constantly to provide their employees with effective wellness program. With increasing healthcare costs, companies are thinking wisely upon developing strong employee well-being programs.




2019 will surely be another exciting wellness journey. Revolution in technology will pop up companies to create a culture of wellness for their workforce.


Trends shaping employee wellness



A. Company’s wellness culture

As per a recent Gallup study, 44 percent of employees reported feelings of burnout at work. This significantly impacts on their work performance and company’s growth.

Employers understand that low performance translates into company investing more money to bring back lost productivity, low engagement and reducing errors. Global corporate giants have already gone step ahead in conducting onsite wellness program and providing facilities for their employees.




B. Priority for personalised wellness package


As the health condition vary from one person to another, providing personalised wellness program will be more result oriented. This will also let companies help to analyse health data in better way.


C. Virtual wellness programs


Present workforce is not confined to typical workout process of hitting the gym or be on a special diet. Those employees who work for variable hours or work in several locations around the world cannot simply afford much time. For them, hosting virtual programs at their desk will be value addition.


In addition, providing employee wellness training on the importance of fitness and well being is important. We must know about the disease before taking preventive measures.


D. Technology


Technology is transforming corporate wellness industry completely. Inclusion of Artificial Intelligence has given a direction to employee preference for wellness. This will allow companies to reach its goal by assessing and evaluating wellness programs efficiently.

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