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Who is Strauss Zelnick and why should you trust him for health and fitness Advice

Dec 17 2018 • Written by Smriti Mishra

~ Smriti Jha


Video source: Business Insider


Strauss Zelnick is not the only one who is occupied and immersed in work. But believe us, he has life outside work.


The sexagenarian CEO of Take-two Interactive has garnered everyone’s attention and has become a living legend not only for his business acumen but his intense training regimen that includes 10-12 workouts a week.


Typically his day starts with rapid-firing emails, phone calls and meetings. Amidst all this he manages time for his passion, workouts, along with a good balanced diet.


Zelnick’s dedication for fitness and having nutritious diet in routine led him to become the fittest CEO and eventually an author. He has revealed the secrets of looking young in his book titled “Becoming AgelessThe Four Secrets to Looking and Feeling Younger Than Ever”.


Strauss believes that workout rejuvenates his body and help in making him more focussed in work. He says, “When you’re sweating, all barriers drop quickly.”



Fitness and Diet

As a fitness freak, he loves to sweat out by hitting the gym. His favourite workout is Tabata series that one can do with two 10-pound dumb-bells. He also does chin-up bar, and other floor stretching exercises.


Because of the regular work outs, even at age 61, Zelnick has few aches and pains. He says, “Get a lot of exercise and your body simply doesn’t age the same as others”. He suggests gym work by its nature is relatively boring. But, being with someone makes it less boring.


About his food intake, he goes with moderation in diet. “Less is best and more is waste”, is his diet philosophy.


Unveiling 4 secrets of looking young in his book Becoming Ageless


Ageless Secret #1 – Don’t starve, eat in moderation

  • Unlimited Foods- Lean Protein, Salads and Vegetables—eat as much as you want.
  • Limited Foods- Some fruits and dried fruits, nuts and cheese—in moderation.
  • Highly restricted foods- No processed foods, fried foods or added sugars. Processed foods don’t just make you fat; they age you.


Ageless Secret #2- Be consistent

  • Start slow—incorporate regular walks or body weight exercises to feel the burn.
  • Workout when you’re working—like with a stress ball or a hand grip strengthener.
  • The book has a complete exercise plan for building muscle. Use it and you’ll avoid back pain and get injured less.

Ageless Secret #3: Bullet proof your body

  • Preventative measures—a complete checklist of all the tests you need, and when you should have them.
  • A good sleep and mental well being is a must to boost your confidence for work.


Ageless Secret #4:  Discover a Deeper Connection

People who focus solely on the body and not the mind are shortchanging themselves. For lasting success, Strauss has found that it’s essential to construct a support system that will hold you accountable and cheer you on. Consider texting a friend after every workout, and revel in the virtual high-five; better yet, join a workout class. You’ll strengthen bonds with friends and loved ones and elevate your mood and productivity.

He has also found a benefit in embracing his spiritual side.

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