The Healthy CXO.

Working out in gym to the mountain bike-ride, Dick Costolo prioritizes time for everything that keeps him fit

Feb 25 2019 • Written by Smriti Mishra

~ Smriti Jha


It is never so easy for the person to invest any time into his own health and fitness who over-burdened with work and privileged with such a big responsibility.  Costolo, however, prioritizes time for fitness and considers it the only way to keep a work-life balance.




Costolo priority for fitness


In the race of active and fit CEO, Costolo has safeguarded his own position by prioritizing his health and fitness. He believes that the strenuous exercise and a healthy lifestyle routine fuels him with the energy to overcome the endless work challenges.


His workout pattern in the gym


He does a lot of the basic lifts, like deadlifts, back squats, front squats, thrusters, and shoulder presses.


When he came out to California in 2009, Costolo engaged himself in trail running and mountain biking. Later, he started doing other sorts of heavy lifting like others do in lifting as most Crossfit gym.


Monday is never a gym day


Costolo typically works out five days a week by keeping Mondays and Fridays off. A typical week might be strength training with weights on two days. He works out with his coach to focus on strength movements related to gymnastics, like handstands or exercises with rings.



Costolo exercises in the afternoon


Costolo is not a morning gym person. Unlike others, he prefers doing work out in the afternoons around 1 pm or 4 pm.

He hates working out in the morning, mostly because he does not feel as warmed-up or loose then.



Workout beyond a closed circuit


Costolo prefers to keep one random day to do whatever he feels like to do that he counts in his work out.


Usually, on weekend Saturday or Sunday when time allows, Costolo gears up for a long mountain bike or a boxing workout or simply a run.


Encouraging others for fitness


Costolo encourages people he works with, to take out time for exercise and workout. He believes that this is the best way to get a return by investing in self.





 Diet and science of nutrition


Costolo limits the food intake and restricts the carbohydrates in his diet when he is not working out in the gym i.e. on Monday and Friday.

He has followed the diet pattern of intermittent fasting by understanding the science of nutrition. Costolo tries his best to keep good control over sugar intake and eats high biological value protein-rich food and includes healthy fats in the diet.


One can figure out, he must give his ear to the nutrition and fitness coach to understand the science of food and nutrition.




Leaders must focus on health and fitness


Costolo believes engaging in fitness is probably the best investment for self. One can get a much bigger return from 20 minutes of exercise than what one will get from spending another 20 minutes wading through emails or meetings.

Opting strenuous exercises will also develop physical and mental toughness, and that resilience carries through to everything else you do, Costolo says.





Twitter and Crossfit have taught Costolo that social accountability, social motivation, and social triggers are the most powerful way to get people over all the motivational hurdles that prevent making fitness a habit.





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