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Sports is the new team building pattern

Mar 12 2019 • Written by Smriti Mishra

~ Smriti Jha


Sports is now one of the most sought-after ways in the corporate world for motivating employees. Employers have come up with conducting regular or seasonal sports and different physical activities for employees.

Companies believe that this will not only improve employees’ interpersonal relationships at work but, will also create a fun way to make a healthier and happy workforce!



Good health of your employee makes the brand of your company


Workplace sports activity multifaceted the company’s benefits in terms of reduced sickness costs, increased work performance, and team cohesion. The work behavior of the sporty employee is also found to be more optimistic and energetic. The reason why the companies are backing on such activities.


While there is no denying that sports and physical activities offers employees good health and strengthen team cohesion, there are plenty of business-centric reasons too.




Studies say sports has a huge impact on the working pattern


One of the researches from England has shown that sport and recreation have a large positive effect on raising morale, motivation, productivity, and a better mood in the working environment.

The study says- sports improves mood and has a positive impact on productivity at work (47% of women and 40% of men). Only 3% of respondents saw the sport’s success as a distraction and disruption to work and work environment.



Another study published in ‘The British Journal of Sports Medicine’ reveals that regular, aerobic activities can boost the size of the hippocampus, the area of the brain involved in verbal memory, learning and emotions. A workplace team sport to improve heart rate, body composition, mental well-being, and better health outcomes.



Bring back the happy hormone Endorphin


Participating in sports and outdoor activities release endorphin hormones that can give a lot of energy to the body. One can develop more stamina and can cope with all their everyday tasks.




Even during seasonal change, engaging in sports and physical activities will not worsen your work productivity. You can stay healthy by playing sports or indulging in systematic exercises. Do not forget to count good nutrition as a significant part to boost your performance!


Such activities also help with the production of serotonin that is a pain relief hormone. Both Endorphin and serotonin hormones have been known to assist in the regulation of body metabolism, sleep, and concentration.



Sports have a potential impact to foster employer-employee relationships


Employers encouraging employees and staffs to watch and participate in sports events. This will add value to the collective energy. Healthy competition can arouse team spirit and will have a positive effect on employee’s interrelationship. Also, if the company has professional and specialized sports employees, support their efforts! These employees can significantly maximize the overall team performance.


Management can also focus on a sport or any other outdoor activities during team building events. This is again, another way to do a SWOT analysis of your team.



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